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Beach Themed Patio Decor Ideas

Bring The Sand And The Sea Experience Home – 3 Beach Patio Themed Ideas

Backyard Patio

There are very few people who don’t fondly recall the beach experiences that they enjoy during their vacation time off. There is something about the beach experience that rejuvenates us and helps to recharge our tired psychic batteries and the cares of an increasingly stressful modern environment.

But it may not be necessary to actually be at the beach to enjoy that same ambiance and the rejuvenating effect of the sea air. In fact one of the best places to spend those lazy, easy days of summer is right at home, it’s just a matter of finding the inspiration to transform the living area into your coastal style retreat. You can use that inspiration to transform your outdoor area into a haven that will provide a great experience that will bring memories of the beach straight onto the patio.

So here are three ways that any homeowner can transform the patio into a place that family and friends will all be able to gather and close their eyes thinking that they have been transported to the edge of the ocean.

1. Lay Back And Relax

It may not be necessary to spend an absolute fortune of redesigning an entire patio. For those with a pool draping chairs with beach towels is a great way to get that beach vibe going. Switch out traditional furniture or compliment it with some loungers and side tables where summertime drinks and snacks can be served. Liven things up with a Tikki mug or two and watch people simply relax.

2. Bring The Sand

One of the most wonderful feelings that anyone who has enjoyed a beach vacation will remember is the first time that they set foot on that sun warmed sand. However, transforming your entire patio area in a beach is not only beyond the budget of most people – but it is also going to create a sand based nightmare when it comes to keeping both outside areas and the interior of the home sand free. Rather take a look at your outdoor table.

Can you get a craftsman do design a centerpiece that can be filled with clean river or beach sand? It need not be expensive. Filling it with sand provides the perfect setting for placing tropical flowers or scented candles. Try vanilla or other tropical scents such as Grapefruit or Lemon. A diffuser can also life the entire ambiance of the patio.

3. The Importance of Lighting

A beach holiday is usually characterized by soft mood lighting. Homeowners may not be able to install the lighting systems that are used at beach resorts – but they can employ ideas such as tealight candles. These can be housed in seashells – and those are available from many home stores and hobby shops.

There are numerous other ideas that can help bring the beach experience to life on the patio of the average home. Some may be more expensive than others. But with some creative thinking the average home patio can be transformed from the boring to an expression of a beach holiday.

So set up the barbecue, fire up the candles, put out the beach balls and transport yourself and your loved ones to that perfect escape at the side of the sea.…