Gardening Tips To Take Advantage Of Spaces

Many times we have areas in the house that we do not know what to plant, is the case of flowerbeds, large planters or garden paths that if we do not put flowers and plants, they do not look properly, so today we bring you some gardening tips.
Gardening Tips For Stonemasons
If you have an overgrown flower bed, it is best to choose tall plants that do not need too much maintenance, especially since the more central ones will have difficult access. If on the other hand, we have a stonemason that is on marking paths of grass, the most important thing is that you do not choose those species that fall on it, so as not to damage it visually. The flower beds need plants that can grow in soils that do not require too much irrigation, since they are usually quite dry, to take better advantage of the space and visually cause real effects, we must plant tall species in the back and opt for species of small size for the edges or the front part. If your planter is narrow and is next to a wall, or a fence, you should keep in mind those plants that may have half shade or mold appropriately to a dry tone, and if it is part of a path or path, have Also present do not use plants that have large amounts of spines, or pointed leaves, which could damage the passage of people through it.

Home gardening tricks

Some simple tricks of gardening for which we are not experts nor do us have resources to invest large amounts of money in the care of our garden.

Kill the slugs with beer

It’s a little disgusting, but it works. At night, place some saucers or bowls full of beer in the area where you have seen slugs. The smell will attract them and they will drown in the beer.

The homemade potion to kill weeds

To kill harmful weeds in the garden mix some vodka with a few drops of dishwasher and water and pour it on top of the plants you want to shoot. It only works in places with a lot of suns.

Make a frame for climbing plants

If you have an old umbrella, remove all the fabric, put the tip in the ground and use it as a support for climbing plants.

Olive oil for geraniums

If you want to show off geraniums, drop a few drops of olive oil on the ground near the roots, with this trick you will get them to flourish more beautifully and quickly.

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